What does Ma's Donuts offer?

  • Hand Cut Cake Donuts
  • Chocolate Cake Donuts
  • Hand Cut Blueberry Cake
  • Hand Cut Crullers and Sticks
  • Hand Cut Yeast Raised Donuts
  • Hand Cut Yeast Raised Filled Donuts
  • French Cruller
  • Donut Holes
  • All Butter Croissant
  • Danish

  • Minis
  • Mini Muffins
  • Muffins
  • Bagels
  • Cookies
  • Specialties
  • Sweet Bread
  • Zeppoles
  • Pies
  • Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Lunch Sandwiches
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • French Fries
  • Coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Tea
  • Smoothies

What people think of Ma's Donuts


Driving by Ma’s, it’s the kind of local place that begs you stop!  Malasadas on Sunday, I’ve only had Malasadas on the Big Island, that certainly caught my eye.  Stopped in for a quickie donut, I can’t remember what it was called but the icing was made with coffee syrup.  Nice local place, simple menu, worth the stop!


As opposed to Dunkin Donuts, they have glazed jelly donuts, a few different versions of donut holes and huge super-sized donuts.

I like to cut my glazed jelly in half and throw in the cream from a cream filled donut and eat like a sandwich. Best donut ever.


Ma’s- I love your coffee, your egg and cheese on bagels, and the fact that you are open 24 hours a day, thus ensuring that I am awake enough to pull the inevitable late-to-all nighters during finals.